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We make the most beautiful, intelligent, and the coolest wood cutting/serving boards we can imagine. Each is made from a single of wood and each has its own individual story to tell with its unique woodscape.

Our boards are made from either Birdseye Sugar Maple, its most rare sister Flame Sugar Maple, its 1st cousin Tiger Red Maple, or its 3rd cousin-once-removed Flame Birch.

All our woods are heat-treated to infuse them with carbon. This lets us make thin boards that are stable and super convenient.

Board Styles

We have several models of cutting boards:


The original model boards are flat on both sides. They are simple, beautiful, reversible, and wonderful to use.


Our eLiP model has an elliptical dish shape milled into one side. This keeps juices from spilling, whether from salad dressings or sliced tomatoes, meats, or peaches. The reverse side is flat.


Our iP model has our iPegs in each corner. The iPegs balance the board on uneven surfaces and prevent skidding on the counter or tabletop. We have added Ion-Pure to our iPegs. Ion-Pure is a powdered glass that ionizes antimicrobial agents when wet. Very Cool. Ion-Pure was developed in Japan. It's used in plastic food boards and toothbrushes. We combine these features in different models:

  • O is flat on both sides.
  • OiP is flat on both sides with iPegs in the corners.
  • eLiP has an elliptical dish on one side with iPegs in the corners.


We use BeautifulBoards for food preparation and food presentation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Beautiful Boards can be put through the dishwasher. They are not 'dishwasher safe' the same way glass is but they can definitely make an occasional trip through the dishwasher.

Also, don't soak your Beautiful Board in water. Keep it oiled for easy cleaning. Our Easy Oiler is the coolest tool for oiling boards.

bon appetit!

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Art Boards

Art Cutting Boards are individually numbered and photographed. These are the most expensive cutting boards we sell. Prices vary based on the beauty of the board. The numbered "Art Cutting Board" you see and order will be the exact cutting board you will receive. Be aware when ordering that some of these "art boards" are not carbonized wood and so are not dishwasher safe. Each one is marked as to whether it is dishwasher safe or not. If it is carbonized wood, it is dishwasher safe! Some of our art boards were simply too beautiful in their natural state to carbonize!

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Signature Boards

Signature Cutting Boards are also individually numbered and photographed. They come in many standard sizes, and are priced standardly by size. These are our mid-price cutting boards. We've arranged them by size categories: large, medium, small, etc. All of these Signature Cutting Boards are dishwasher safe. The numbered Signature Cutting Board that you see and order will be the exact cutting board you will receive.

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Premium Boards

Premium Cutting Boards come in many standard sizes, and are priced by size. To make it easier for you to find what you want, we've arranged them by size categories: large, medium, small, etc. We show you a collage of what your Premium Cutting Board will look like, but when you order, you are not specifying a particular board; we'll send you the next board from our bin that is the size that you order and comparable to what you see in the collage photo, but you will not get the exact board you see in the photo collage. The Premium Cutting Boards are our least expensive option because we don't need to number and photograph each one.

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